Law Website Questionnaire

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A Personal Touch

Let’s get to know each other. These details help us form a complete image of your business. If there is no primary attorney for your business, just answer these questions for a single attorney, and when we contact you, we will ask for the rest of the staff list.

What is your name?

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Are you involved in any communities or professional organizations?

Down to Business

Now we have a few questions about your business. This will help us direct us into building the best product for your specific needs.

What is the official name of your business?

What is your business's phone number?

What is the primary email address where we can reach you?

Where is your business located?

If you have an existing website, what is the address?

Logo: If you have an existing logo in a high-res format (.ai and .eps files are preferred), upload it here.

Social Media
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Additional Features

Blog: Do you plan to maintain a blog, or do you plan to announce news and/or events through your website?
I want to make updatesI won't be posting anything

Photography: Do you have photography that can be used? We’ll be looking for at least 3 high-res photos: A portrait of you (and any staff that will have a place on the staff), a photo of your building/office, and a photo of you in your environment.
I can provide photosI'll need some help

Privacy Policy: If you have a preexisting Privacy Policy, please paste it in the box below. If you do not have one ready, we can provide the beginning of a template of one for you to customize.


You can paste in the nice things clients have to say about you, or list the names and email addresses of those clients so that we can reach out to them.

Frequently Asked Questions: The next few blanks are to help fill in custom answer to the most frequent questions a client may ask. There are two blanks at the end where you can enter a custom question and answer it.

Where are you located?

What is the best way to contact you?

What are your office hours?

What happens after the first consultation?

What You Get

Monthly: The completion of your website is just the beginning. Knowing how quickly technology changes, Solve will monitor your website monthly, ready to install any necessary updates so that every time someone sees your website, they are seeing the latest, freshest that your website has to offer.

Quarterly: Every so often, it helps your website's performance to reexamine existing content, adjust the data that makes search engines rank your page higher than others, and perform general maintenance. Our Quarterly Audit addresses these factors to keep your site at its rightful prominent place on the web.

Annual: Most modern web technologies can change very quickly, but some standards have a slightly slower evolution process. As part of our Annual Standards Audit, we will examine your site to make sure the inner workings and architecture are up to the current standards to improve performance and make sure clients can find and use your site as easily as possible.

Some Design Questions

The way we design your site is highly specific to your business's existing personality. As such, we have just a few questions to help us find the best design solution to direct your project.

Will you want your website's color scheme to be primarily darker or lighter?

Should the images we incorporate reflect the area you serve or the the people you serve?
Environment BasedPeople Based

Is your business aimed at newer clients or more established ones?
Younger ClientsOlder Clients

Do you want visitors to feel that your business is bigger or more of a grass-roots operation?
Bigger BusinessSmaller Business

The feeling I want to evoke in my clients is:

Are you located in an area that is more sprawling metropolis or hometown rural?
CitySmall Town

The Best Value
The Jumpstart


Policy for payment of website, cancellation can only occur after full payment of website.