Social Media Marketing: Just be Yourself

There are so many questions clients have about social media. They say "I don't know what to post." Even recently I had a new client meeting where we examined their social efforts. Let's talk about what I discovered. First, this company is using social media, so that...

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I’m Betting the Grass IS Greener

I love new year’s resolutions. That’s right. I refuse to listen anymore to the naysayers yapping about how only 8% of people will achieve them. Look, I get what they are saying. But what will I say?? I say, I’m going for it. I say, I’m going places. If I get...

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What designers hate about “Ugly”

Let's be honest. We've all seen successful companies that are ugly. What designers hate about ugly is that it isn't required for some measure of success. (It isn't REQUIRED.) Consistency in marketing is the key to success in marketing. Even if it's ugly, if you have a...

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We’ve had it all wrong! (Websites)

In preparing to meet with a new client this morning, I'm reminded of where we've all gone WRONG. For the longest time, it was cool to have a website. In the beginning there was blinking text and loud blocks of color. It was awful, but the information was there....

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