Digital Media Strategy


We guarantee success with our digital marketing products.

If you want to grow your company, we have a step-by-step process to create success. If you have a product or service that people need, the results will absolutely come.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch.

Why do most companies fail?
Several reasons. Here are some big ones:

  1. Some are afraid their competition will “figure out” their strategy. (this is absurd)
  2. Most don’t follow through in a consistent, predictable way.
  3. They don’t give it time to work.
  4. Companies don’t measure results and make modifications.

What is your system?
Pre-Game: Clearly define your target and craft a compelling message.

  1. Create an informative, responsive website so that you can engage your audience.
  2. Focus on being visible on search engines. This way prospects can find you.
  3. Build a presence on dominant social media platforms to communicate your company’s value.
  4. Create a relationship with your audience. Talk to them, but also listen.
  5. Use the robust online and social advertising tools like Google Adwords and Facebook.
  6. Create an effective inbound marketing strategy so that lead generation is automated.
  7. Follow up and continue the conversation through email marketing.
  8. Develop a customer acquisition plan. (online and off)
  9. Analyze the results, modify (when needed) and keep moving forward.

We are so sure we can help that we are willing to provide you with a FREE 30-minute digital audit.

Digital Services


We offer half and whole day consulting sessions. First, we meet with clients and determine their needs. Then, we set a strategy for digital marketing success. In the end, we deliver an actionable report that your company can take and implement.

Social Media Management

After an initial discovery and goal setting meeting, we will take over your social media efforts. Solve will treat your company as if it is our own. We will consistently implement our pre-agreed-upon strategic plan to achieve the results you seek.

Complete Digital Makeover

Many companies have been successful for decades. But, as communication is rapidly changing, they realize they don’t know how to begin digital marketing efforts. Lots of times these are larger, more established brands. In these cases, Solve works directly alongside the client for a time and develops a sustainable plan for successful digital communication.