So on Monday, February 25, 2013, we posted a case study regarding a logo we created for famous sommelier, Lyle Fass. The following are the analytic results and the link to the story:



The site went from a consistent 50 visits a day to 166 on February 25 and 139 on February 26. That is an increase of 200%.
The audience who visited our website were in fact “New Visitors” and not returning ones.
We had hits from all over the world including South Africa and Australia, but mainly from Northeast United States.
Finally, the IP adresses collected by our Content Management System (CMS) were not local. Actually, the number one location of people who visited our site were from New York City, the city where Fass currently resides in. More interesting than that, people stuck around the website to navigate through it.
What does this mean?
• First of all, our Facebook post regarding the case study was a complete success. Adding “tags” to Fass Selections and Solve increased our audience by 200%. That’s awesome!!
• The results prove that our audience varied throughout the world instead of locally.
• Social Media combined with blogging is an efficient marketing tool to increase visibility amongst several platforms.
Provide your website visitors with MORE content that is readily accessible. Let them navigate your site and discover what you’re about.