Let’s say I’m a Bow and Arrow company in Montana that manufactures expensive bow hunting equipment. My target market is wealthy men in Montana who love to hunt.

How can I target them specifically? The answer is social media. Social Media advertising is simply a must for business. Below, I outline the four compelling reasons, but let’s start by examining how you can surgically target your demographic using Facebook.

First, we start by telling Facebook (in this example) that we’d like to advertise to people that live in Montana specifically.

Next, we narrow our audience by choosing the gender and age of our most likely buyers.

Here is where it gets interesting. Facebook knows all about you. So, they know if you like hunting or not. How do they know? Well, you likely told the at some point in the past, but even if you didn’t, your behavior would likely give them the same information.

Now, we’ve stated that our bows are expensive. These bows are made from solid gold, so not just anyone can afford them. Facebook even gives us the ability to target by income. It’s likely you can’t afford a solid gold bow if you aren’t making $250K+ per year.

So here is our defined audience

Men, 40 to 65+ years old
Live in Montana
Income over $250,000 per year
Interested in Hunting

Facebook let’s us know how many people are in our defined market.
Audience size: 770 (the PERFECT 770)

Now, based on our budget, we can determine how many of those 770 we can afford to get our message in front of.

Let’s keep it real. That is magic!

4 Compelling Reasons why Social Media Advertising Works

1. Targeted
You don’t want to waste money on advertising to the wrong people. Through social media advertising outlets, you can choose the PERFECT audience for your message. You can narrow the audience down with a fine tooth comb so that you are only paying to speak to the right folks.

2. User-Centered
Social Media advertising is effective because you are going to them, right where they are…anywhere they are. They don’t have to pick up a magazine or be listening to the right radio station, or sit through a TV commercial.

Your message gets to be in front of them next to posts from friends and family and other interests they already have. More important, because you have so carefully selected them as your perfect target market, they are likely going to be happy to see your message. It actually should be a benefit to them.

3. Affordable
If you are accustomed to paying for advertising, advertising on social media is cheap. I don’t mean it in a bad way. It was very inexpensive. Moreover, you get to choose the expense you want to incur. The minimums are very minimal. You are in control of your ad budget. You can see the anticipated reach before you agree to anything. You can set a daily budget or run one campaign and set a $5.00 budget. The pricing is incredibly transparent.

4. Measurable
Social media advertising doesn’t hold you to just hoping that it worked, or that your ad was seen. You can see EXACTLY how many impressions your ad received and how many people took action. This information allows you to make modifications to your message to constantly improve on what works best.


Don’t miss the boat on what could be a business game-changer for you. Social media advertising is incredibly effective. The reasons are simple. You can run ads that are:

  • Targeted
  • User-Centered
  • Affordable
  • Measurable

At Solve, we do our very best to dispel the myths and walk you through the process. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back from making a super-smart choice for your business.