I love new year’s resolutions. That’s right. I refuse to listen anymore to the naysayers yapping about how only 8% of people will achieve them.

Look, I get what they are saying. But what will I say?? I say, I’m going for it. I say, I’m going places. If I get distracted or winded half way there – WHO CARES?? I’m going to take a breath, and recalibrate and keep going.

I think sometimes the grass is actually greener on the other side. Think about it. We even let a silly cliché hold us back from achieving our best.

“Oh, it’s not greener over there, it just LOOKS greener.” What an absolute load of crap.

If your aspiration is pure in heart, I bet it IS greener over there.

So, to the naysayer… when I get to the greener grass, I’ll be sure put a picture on my Instagram for you. #nofilter