God, Design, and Miscellaneous (not exactly what you’re thinking of)

When God was in the heavens with his “Animal Kingdom Lego Set” putting together his aesthetically pleasing combinations of horses, birds, fishes, amongst others, their came a point where he thought to himself “what do I do with all these remaining pieces?” And that ladies and gentlemen, that is the true origin of the platypus. “Hmm, I have a beavers body and a ducks head – let’s put these two together and voila! PLATYPUS.”

Don’t get me wrong here; their are some really random looking animals out there, for example, the chihuahua, the ostrich, the rhinoceros, and the donkey or as I like to refer to him: the ugly cookie in the horse batch.

What about animal domestication? Who thought it was a good idea to saddle up a horse? Why not a giraffe? Can you imagine that Triple Crown? Giraffes winning races by the length of a neck?! I would love to see that. And what about the jockeys? Would it still be below average height men riding these animals or would the sport be dominated by people that were born with long arms? Can you imagine that child’s conversation with his parents: “Son, I think you were born to be the worlds best giraffe jockey.”

Happy Friday everybody.