If you have decided to increase your social media presence but you don’t know where to start, this article is for you!

Take a look at a few things like company brochures, PR engagements, and your website content. What can be quickly turned into a social media post (or lots of posts)? The great part about finding social content in your existing marketing collateral is that you don’t have to try to think about what to post. You just have to find the little nuggets that are already there and repurpose them for social.

That outdated company brochure likely still has some great information to share. Don’t let it just collect dust! Instead, pick out the parts that matter and share those.

I bet there’s a long paragraph of copy in your brochure that you could break apart and reuse.

Here is one paragraph from one brochure. I’ve edited specific company information for obvious reasons… but this is real. Minus the specific details, this is the actual copy in an old brochure. Let’s see how many posts could come from this one paragraph.

Acme Co. was founded over 100 years ago in [Greatville] with a single office.  Over the years, the company grew to include locations throughout the greater Greatville area, and continued to grow, opening offices throughout the state. Today, Acme Co. is one of the fastest-growing roadrunner trap companies in the region, growing from $1 billion to $5 billion in total assets just over the last decade.

Social post opportunities:

  1. Acme Co. – Since 1909
  2. Acme Co. – Offices located all across the state
  3. Acme Co. – Proud to serve our customers in Greatville and the surrounding area
  4. Acme Co. is one of the fastest-growing roadrunner trap companies in the region
  5. Acme Co. has experienced 400% growth over the last decade

Without too much trouble, we found five social posts that are sustainable that you could use. Naturally, you will want to make sure that specific information is up-to-date (i.e. 400% growth) – but updating that information is just another great reason to share it again.

Remember, something as timeless as “Acme Co. – Since 1909” is something you could post time and again. So, now you are on your way to producing an inventory of content that makes sense to share more than once.

About posting the same thing more than once:

I say go for it. If the information is timeless and branded, you shouldn’t hesitate to share it over and over. By “over and over” I could mean weekly, bi-weekly or monthly… that is up to you. A simple idea is to keep the message, but change the accompanying artwork that goes with it.

Quick Examples:

Remember, not everyone will see every post that you make, and the ones that do are not going get frustrated by seeing a professional, timeless post that they have previously seen. In fact, they likely won’t remember having seen it UNTIL you post it multiple times. In the life of your customer, you are one of the thousands of messages that come across their eyes every day. You can’t expect them to recall your post immediately.

This is the part of social media that generates top-of-mind awareness. Many companies are very quiet on social media simply because they don’t think they have much to say. I disagree. In one paragraph, I found several pieces of social media post treasure.

Now, for those of you who aren’t photoshop experts, don’t worry. There are lots of tools available online or on mobile. Just search “create post tool” on Google or search “create post” in your app store. You will have lots of products to choose from.