“If you aren’t proactive, you are reactive.
If you aren’t reactive, you are antiquated.”
– Bo

Many professional services firms shy away from social media. Many of these industries have run from advertising for years. There was an old tradition and taboo associated with these types of professionals as it relates to advertising and marketing.

Times have changed.

What makes social media scary and/or a waste of time is execution without a long-term strategy in mind. Randomly posting a funny meme is not going to help you. Occasionally retweeting someone is not going to have anyone looking in your direction. Even consistent posts of luncheons and activities will fall short.

Why won’t these things work? Because nobody cares. You know it and I know it. It’s the baseline for life. You have said it and so have I, “I don’t care what John Doe ate for breakfast.”

A content marketing strategy is one where you define why your product or service DOES matter to your audience. You define that product or service, explain the value, rinse and repeat.

Create a series of posts that are timeless (evergreen) and share them often. Create a filter that you run every piece of social communication through to make certain it is pushing you toward delivering that message that keeps you on track to reach your desired outcome.

A great question to ask yourself about posting on social media:
Is this just something that I want to say, or is this something that clients and prospects need to hear?

With a strategic plan in place, you don’t have to be afraid of social media. You can know that in being intentional, and audience focused, that you will be well received.