There are so many questions clients have about social media. They say “I don’t know what to post.” Even recently I had a new client meeting where we examined their social efforts. Let’s talk about what I discovered.

First, this company is using social media, so that is a great first step. They post often, but aren’t seeing the results they want. This is a great reminder of the fact that we are looking for RESULTS — more contacts, more leads, more SALES!

They thought they had a social media problem, but what they have is a messaging problem, a marketing problem.

In that meeting, I heard them say things like “no one has the products that we have.” Later, they said, “People come from all over to our store. It’s a destination store.”

I looked through their posts and pointed out that they never told anyone that! In an effort to be cute and clever, they seemed to have forgotten to just talk a bit about who they are and why someone should come by.

Just be yourself. Tell people about you and your company. And, don’t fall prey to the imposter syndrome. Your story is worthy to be told. You deserve to tell it. With a little strategy and consideration, people will enjoy hearing it.