Don’t forget sales. Marketing and advertising is only the first step.

Advertising and Marketing can be thought of as a fart noise maker.

Some people might think a fart noise maker is entertaining, some might find it offensive. Rarely will a person remain completely unmoved by a good fart noise, though. Sure, after a while, the fart noise will get on your nerves. But, in the vein of keeping it real, you will look up (and around) when you hear it.

That is advertising. When a business uses a tactic to get attention. Some may recognize that company message in a positive way, and some, not so much. That is just a matter of targeting your market. The fart noise maker is going to appeal more to a group of junior high boys than it will middle age women (maybe).

Ok, great. You have managed to grab the person’s attention for a moment. Now what do you do?

You sell them.

When you are speaking to the right person, you don’t have to hard sell. When you properly find the person who will best benefit from your message, you can rest assured that they are happy to hear your message. Your message is one that says “we understand the problem, and we can help.

That being said, the practice of selling must happen. You simply must close the sale. How do you do that? You say, “we would like to have you as a customer, are you ready for that?” Or, a good, solid “please buy our widget right now” may suffice.

Have enough esteem in yourself and/or product to ask someone to do business with you.

You are the one who is accountable to your business. You are the one who is responsible for it’s success or failure. Anyone can get excited about the ever elusive creative process of marketing and advertising. The story simply can’t end there.

At Solve Design Studio, we believe that the best of who we are is in our creative brains and in our HumanSenseTM approach. Contact us today to find out how we can help you craft a clear message in an affordable way to land more business. (See, that wasn’t so hard, now was it??)