I should post on the value of a marketing plan. Bet you never considered that! (I’m rolling my own eyes.)

Why do you know you need a marketing plan, but still not have one?

I think the reason we don’t take action on many things is confusion. Confusion is born of the past. There is no confusion looking into the future. We all know what we should do. The problem lies in the confusion that takes place in the “how to” do something. Confusion is a negative feeling – we don’t like that. Thus, we avoid taking action.

Grab a Word document or a pen and a piece of paper. Let’s make your marketing plan. I’m about to walk you through the simplest (and most effective) foundation for a marketing plan you have ever had for your business.

Remember Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Remember when you had to write that term paper in the eighth grade? Well, hang on, because we are about to go old school, no marketing metrics – no fluff – no BS.

You can be as broad or specific as you want. These answers are pretty straight forward and they just require an ounce of thought. They will be the foundation of your marketing plan.

Who are you?
Who is your customer?

What do you sell? (Product/Service)
What do you do that’s different than others?
What do people already believe is true about your industry in general?
What does your customer do for fun?

When do your customers need your product or service?
When do they buy in relation to recognizing their need?

Where are your customers, physically?(As in, where do you picture them? Are they in an office, at home, etc?)
Where is your business in relationship to the customer? (easily accessible?)
Where are you available online?

Why does a prospect need what you offer?
Why can’t they live without you/it?
Why did you decide to go into business in the first place?

How do your customers receive news about the world around them?
How can you make them an offer they can’t refuse? (and remain profitable)

The biggest question of all:

As it relates to marketing and business communication, there is just one big question:

Why don’t you tell people about all of this?

Answer those questions and you will have some clarity. Review these questions often and you will keep that clarity.

If you are wondering how to start and use your marketing plan – I’m even about to tell you that. Once answered, the questions above will contain dozens of content opportunities for your website or social media presence.

Don’t forget to ask them to take a specific action. Literally tell/ask them to do what you want.

“Please call today – ###-###-####.”
“Visit our website to learn more at http://…”
“Drop by our location and ask for Bo.”

Bo’s Crazy, Simple Marketing Plan:

  • Answer questions and understand your business
  • Tell people
  • Ask them to do something
  • Review, refine, rinse and repeat