This post is not for the weak at heart. It is not for the noble. It’s for those looking for results. It’s for those who can look at the bigger picture.

I’m not going to vouch for these lousy humans using phishing schemes to steal the money of the hard working masses. I am going to highlight, however, the depth of thought into marketing and sales that they employ.

Most of us get these emails:

Please to the help,

Sir, Me need help of your persuasion. I have inherited $40 million Bangledeshian Dollars and need to put it into a bank account USA. Will pay you for grandfather legacy. Children are suffering. You bank account save life.

Regards are full,



Look, this is going to be short and sweet. I recently learned something about these emails in an investigative documentary. We (me and you) always point and laugh and say, “What dummy would reply to this?”

Me? No.
You? No.

Millions WILL respond, though. So many, in fact, that they had to change their strategy. The emails used to use correct grammar. The emails used to mask the scam. The problem was that the response rate was SO HIGH, that the phishers had to narrow their target market. In order to make sure that the most “qualified buyers” got back in touch with them, they changed the language and their approach to the email.


Marketing lesson?
Define your target market.