This is definitely a subject we’ve been meaning to blog about for a good while now. At Solve, we are true believers in the power of GREAT business cards as marketing tools. We believe that with a well crafted message and an intriguing design you can make a lasting first impression and further position your brand. Business cards also have the capability of showcasing your company’s personality and culture, and in the same manner, they are a TANGIBLE CREATIVE REMINDER of who you are and where you met.

At Solve we emphasize to our clientele that it is important they not only have a “good business card,” but a great business card — one that won’t end up in the trash can five minutes after you’ve handed it away. We dare our clients to stand out from the crowd. We want to design a business card that will have people saying,

Wow! This is such a cool card. I’m gonna keep this.

One thing to be mindful about is to not be stingy or picky when giving away your business cards. We’ve encountered clients that because they are running out of business cards will start hesitating when considering whom to give them to. For example they’ll say things like

Well, he’s not that important, hence I won’t give him one. Anyways, I think I’m running out.” 

Yes, they are custom made and can be costly, but the point is for you to give them away as often as you can. Remember that a great business card will have a memorable impact and will never cost as much as some $14,000 full-page ad in the Sunday newspaper. And, what’s best, you can always have more of them made.

And finally, always keep them handy. Have a stash in your car. Have some in your wallet at all times. Keep some in your pocket. Whatever is suitable; but on you at all times.

The following are great examples of memorable business cards. Enjoy.

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