There’s no more secret sauce. Don’t buy into the myth of corporate espionage.

Are you struggling to participate on social media because you are afraid that your competitors will somehow learn your tricks and beat you? Just being honest, but that tells me that you don’t have anything special to offer.

That’s not true, though, is it? Each company has a special value that makes their company the right match for a particular buyer.

There are all sorts of different reasons a company might work with you, or buy your product or service. Could it be that you have an exclusive product or service that no one else has? Maybe. Though, unlikely. Or, could it be that your company brings something fresh to the table?

The internet has done something to the universe. There really isn’t any more secret sauce. If you want the recipe for the secret sauce, just get on Pinterest.

If you are afraid that someone will discover the recipe for your company’s secret sauce, then you are selling the wrong thing. It is a fact, that I can create a hamburger like this: bread-meat-bread-meat-bread + lettuce and thousand island-like dressing.

“OMG… but that was OUR super-secret hamburger.” Are you kidding me right now? Long before the information was pinned on Pinterest, it was discovered by your taste buds. The opportunity was there all along.

You should create a great product or service and communicate to your audience why it’s better.

  • It’s not just fried chicken… it’s 11 herbs and spices.
  • It’s not about the burger, it’s about the speed and cost.

One wise person said, “You aren’t selling a mattress, you are selling a good night’s sleep.”

Every single business has a story. That story explains why you are different. How many hamburger joints are there in the world? Many. How many of those are your favorite? Few. Why? It’s not because hamburger making is a secret. It’s because the hamburger is more than a hamburger. (Wow… that got deep. Let’s rest on that idea for a bit.)