In preparing to meet with a new client this morning, I’m reminded of where we’ve all gone WRONG. For the longest time, it was cool to have a website. In the beginning there was blinking text and loud blocks of color. It was awful, but the information was there. (somewhere)

Then came flash (BLING!). Stuff was flying around and making noise. It was ridiculous. And then came css… and javascript… and frameworks… and content management systems… and then MOBILE!

Your online presence will continue to change with technology and standard style and usability features — that is to be expected. But with technology so fast-moving and ever-changing your website will become irrelevant in no time.


Unless you create a website that communicates a message. If it is all about what it looks like, you are in for frustration. If your website is about what it means, then you are cooking with fire.

A great website is only a way to communicate. That being said, if you have nothing to say — it simply will not be effective. Make your website a communication tool by carefully planning a message and delivering it in an effective way.

Don’t just go after the low-hanging fruit of “looking good” when you could have a website that actually means something.