Let’s be honest. We’ve all seen successful companies that are ugly. What designers hate about ugly is that it isn’t required for some measure of success. (It isn’t REQUIRED.)

Consistency in marketing is the key to success in marketing. Even if it’s ugly, if you have a good product that solves a problem for someone and you consistently make potential customers aware of it’s availability, you WILL see some measure of success in business. It may seem “old school,” but an effective sales person will generally close more deals than a marketing piece (brochure, advertisement, etc.)

So where does that leave great design? (Here’s where you get happy, designers!)

If a company can do OK by consistently communicating their message to their target, just imagine how well they might perform if that message was properly formatted and looked professional. Imagine how many people who almost purchased will now follow through and buy, just because you dressed the part.

If you have an established company and have enjoyed some success, and you have never sought out the talent of a designer to take that success to the next level, now is the time.

Updating your company image from “guerrilla”(see guerrilla marketing) to “professional” is a great way to re-energize your company and your brand. It’s a great reason to get in touch with current and past customers. It’s an even better time to get in touch with those prospects in the past who didn’t pull the trigger.

(photo courtesy of TheUglySweaterShop.com. It’s the Christmas season, after all, so you might need to look ugly.)