Afraid of social media?

Fear to change. Fear of the board of directors. Fear of job loss. Fear. Fear. Fear. (blah blah blah) I believe that the fear you should have (that you don’t) is the Fear of becoming irrelevant. I’m especially writing this FOR the big companies. Why would I do that?...

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That Dang 80/20 Rule

That darned ole 80/20 Rule just won’t go away, will it? Recently I heard someone talking about the 80/20 rule in the way of “getting back to the basics.” Ultimately the point was that the basics account for 80% of your success. At first, I was all arrogant... "I’ve...

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Fart Noise Maker Marketing 101

Don’t forget sales. Marketing and advertising is only the first step. Advertising and Marketing can be thought of as a fart noise maker. Some people might think a fart noise maker is entertaining, some might find it offensive. Rarely will a person remain completely...

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Artistic VS Creative

Is there a difference between artistry and creativity? You bet there is. Where does this conversation fall into our business life? Art is always that term that evades me. What IS art? The conversation goes like this: Regular Person: “My two year old could have painted...

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